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Is There a Cure for Addiction?

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about addiction is that there’s a cure or a single, all-encompassing fix. Unfortunately, the reality is that addiction is a chronic disease. Something that an individual will deal with for the rest of their life. Think of it like diabetes. Diabetes can’t be cured, but it can be managed. Addiction is the same way but, unlike other chronic diseases, managing addiction means that it won’t eventually take your life.

How You Can Manage Addiction

So what can you do to manage addiction? There are plenty of different methods for helping to control and treat your addiction. Here are the common steps an addict needs to take to get on the path to managing their disease.


There aren’t any medications that can wholly get rid of substance addiction, but there are medications that can help ease the withdrawal symptoms you’ll most likely experience while trying to get clean. Getting clean isn’t as simple as just saying “I don’t want to do this anymore.” That’s not addiction. An addict has developed a dependency on their substance of choice and can’t safely quit cold turkey.


When you first try to get clean, you’ll need to detox or remove the substance from your body. This can be a difficult process depending on your substance abuse history. When you enter rehab, this is the first thing you’ll need to do on your road to getting better.


Of course, the best way for an addict to learn to manage their addiction is through reputable rehab facilities. Remember that not all rehab clinics are equal. Make sure to check the reviews and do your research before checking into a rehab center or choosing one for a loved one.

Ongoing Treatment

Once an addict leaves rehab, they’re not cured. They’ll need to diligently lean on their support system, go to meetings, seek therapy, and take their recovery one day at a time. Changes to their previous lifestyle will be necessary too, so it’s less easy to give in to temptation.

Keep in mind, many addicts relapse, so it’s not uncommon that they’ll need to go through all of these steps again. Addiction isn’t something that someone just gets rid of once and for all. Even people who have been clean for years can relapse without the right support.

Choose Ozarks Teen Challenge

Ozarks Teen Challenge offers rehab for teens struggling with substance addiction. Contact us today or view our website for more information.

You can also check out our informative blog about all the things we offer and helpful advice like the Warning Signs of Addiction.

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