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Maintain Faith Throughout Your Son’s Teen Rehab

How to Maintain Faith During Your Son’s Teen Rehab

Teen addiction has serious effects on not only your son but also on you as a mother or father. Many parents blame themselves for their son’s addiction and this causes them to enable their child even more. In the past, Ozarks Teen Challenge has written blogs on ways parents can quit enabling their children and ways they can help get their kids get into teen rehab centers. But what about parents taking care of themselves?

Parents of boys in teen rehab programs need to remember that they are God’s children as well. Their lives continue and are not dependent on their children. In this trying time, you may find your faith shaken. Despair will tempt you more than ever, but it’s important that parents of children in drug treatment centers keep their faith in this difficult time.

God Can Get You Through This

Supporting your child during his time in teen rehab is not easy. The staff at Ozarks Teen Challenge knows that better than anyone, that is, anyone except for parents of our boys. For God, however, no challenge is too difficult. Think back to Jeremiah 32:27, “I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for Me?”

We cannot know the future, and we struggle to fully understand the past. The Lord knows all things. You can find comfort in His wisdom and know that your child is in His hands. This faith and letting go does not mean you quit caring. Quite the opposite, you care so much that you’re putting it into His hands. He is more powerful than any of us could imagine.

House Built on the Rock

In Matthew, Christ brings us the parable of the house built on rocks as opposed to the house built on sand. Faith in Him is a way of stabilizing your foundation on something stronger and bigger than you. This faith will help you through the despair and self-hatred that often accompanies parents when they put their children through teen rehab. Know that this is all for the benefit of your son, that this will also benefit your life, and that the Lord can work through anyone.

If you want your child to have a stable, positive relationship with the Lord, you must start with yourself. He can help you survive this difficult time, and as importantly, your faith in Him will act as an example for your son when he returns from teen rehab and rejoins your life. No, you should not blame yourself for your son’s addiction and need for drug treatment, but you can still set a beautiful example of what a relationship with our Father looks like.

Teen Rehab at Ozarks Teen Challenge

Through His word and teachings, Ozarks Teen Challenge helps boys wrestle through drug addiction with our teen rehab program. We believe in faith, discipline, and discipleship as paths out of addiction. If you have any questions or are interested in our program, do not hesitate to contact Ozarks Teen Challenge.

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