At Ozarks Teen Challenge, troubled teens are encouraged to take ownership of their lives by demonstrating positive spiritual, mental and emotional growth. Our rehab methodology for teen therapy is separated into 5 phases. As teens graduate from one phase to the next, they are rewarded with more personal privileges and responsibilities, thereby empowering them for the final transition home.

Our 5 Phase System for teen therapy is NOT a static formula that is applied to each of our teens in the same way. Our phases, instead, provide a framework of developmental goals which allow us to tailor each teen’s program to meet their unique needs while achieving important developmental milestones.

  • Phase 1: Finding Personal ValueSmall Phase 1 Pannel

Your teen will begin to understand his personal value, God’s love for him, and God’s purpose for his life. Understanding this value, assists him in: confronting and managing his emotions, developing greater personal discipline/work ethic, and in taking responsibility for his actions.  We have found that our students are willing to work for, protect, and guard that which they value which is why phase one is focused on this foundational Biblical truth.

  • Phase 2:  Building RelationshipsBuilding Relationships

Your teen will deepen his relationship with God, family, friends, and his mentors by finding his identity in Christ and growing in the spiritual disciplines. By tailoring this phase to the needs of each teen, they learn how to seek reconciliation, set healthy boundaries, and how to develop healthy, trustworthy relationships.

  • Phase 3:  Servant LeadershipServant Leadership

Your previously, troubled teen will start to prepare for future success by developing lifelong skills in servant leadership, personal integrity and faithful obedience.  He will be encouraged to find vision and purpose within God’s will for his life by substituting selfish and destructive behaviors with care and service to those around them.

  • Phase 4: Changing CultureTCPanels4

By staying at our rehab center, teens learn to shut out all of the noise long enough to reflect on and discover what is really important. Once your teen has rest from all the “noise” of life, he will  then learn to maintain and safeguard his faith and integrity within always changing cultural settings by defining his “new normal” and by becoming positive cultural changers.



  • Phase 5: Transitioning HomeTCPanels5

Students prepare for their transition home by setting future career, life, and education goals and discussing expectations, rules, and safeguards alongside their families.  Learning practical life skills to help them reach these personal and family goals is also a vital part of this phase.