Our Future Vision

Campus Expansion

For over a decade Ozarks Teen Challenge has become a safe-haven for families. A place where lives are transformed and families are restored through the power of Christ. Countless miracles have walked through its doors, these young men and their future families are the heartbeat of Ozarks Teen Challenge. They represent to all of us a Decade of God’s Faithfulness. Our campus resides on 200 acres of rolling hills in the Ozarks. Currently, Ozarks Teen Challenge can provide care for 28 students and their families each year. Unfortunately this capacity only scratches the surface, with the opioid crisis on the rise and over 300 families inquiring about services with Ozarks Teen Challenge each year. The current teen drug overdose rate has climbed 19% since 2014 and continues to increase. The need is greater now than ever before.

The challenge now is to provide the same life-transformation care that the Lord has been faithful too for over a decade. A vision has been cast to grow our current capacity from 28 students to 60 students, but in order to do that we will need more housing, academic, discipleship, and counseling space. Our campus expansion has been broken down into three phases.

Phase One

Dormitory & Academy: This new 10,000 square foot dormitory will provide rooms for up to 60 students at a time along with 6 additional staff members. Alongside the dorm a new academic and administrative building will be constructed in order to meet the academic and discipleship needs of the growing student population.

Ozarks Teen Challenge Academic Building 1
Ozarks Teen Challenge Academic Building 8

Phase Two

Indoor Recreation Facility: Phase two of this vision is to provide a safe place for our students to burn energy, get healthy, and re-learn how to have fun away from addiction. This 90,000 square feet turfed facility will allow our students to play games, sports, weight lift, and workout without being impeded on by Mother Nature.

Phase Three

Chapel: Phase three of our campus will be the most important, our chapel. This building will be located in the front of the campus and will represent our dedication to the spiritual well-being of our students. This new chapel will serve as a space for spiritual development and services. With seating for our 200 we are excited to expand our services and the impact within our local community.