Our discipleship classes and personal mentoring sessions are the backbone of our troubled teen rehabilitation program.  We know that a transformative relationship with Jesus Christ calls for intentional discipleship. In order answer this call, we utilize quality staff and dedicate time and resources towards creating an environment where mentoring and discipleship are a constant focus. Personal/Group Discipleship Classes & Individual Mentoring help to facilitate this growth as teens move through our 5 Phase System.

Group Discipleship Classes

02-DiscipleshipDuring Phase 1 of our program, teens participate in Group Discipleship Classes, five days a week, that teach fundamental truths in several foundational areas.  The first area, being classes on spiritual formation, apologetics, basic questions on faith, and salvation. Our group discipleship classes also cover important topics such as: the nature of addiction, understanding and coping with emotions, and confronting the truth. Through these group classes, students begin to understand that God loves and values them, that they were created with purpose and design, and that they are worth more than they ever imagined.  By understand this worth and value, students begin to find their motivation and strength for change within Christ.

Personal Discipleship Classes

During Phases 2 through 5, your teen will participate in Personal Discipleship Classes, five days a week, tailored specifically to your son’s individual needs and his phase goals.  We are able to individualize our Personal Discipleship Classes by creating unique learning contracts for each student as they transition through each phase. Our contracts involve reading assignments, journaling, workbooks, bible reading/memorization assignments, and meetings with our Discipleship Coordinator. Each teen will go through slightly different materials depending upon their unique needs, but all of them are tailored to meet the learning objectives of each phase.

Individual Mentoring

03-Discipleship _Individual Mentoring_Individual mentoring is another foundational piece of our program. Our staff are trained to enter every situation with purpose and intentionality…to seek out mentoring opportunities and to utilize everyday happenings for times to teach and disciple. Students are also able to request additional mentoring meetings with staff members or our Program Manager to seek counsel and wisdom, as times are available.

Additionally, each of our Phase 2 through 5 students, meet weekly with our Discipleship Coordinator to evaluate their learning and to discuss their personal growth.  During these sessions, we are able to address the unique spiritual, emotional, and environmental needs of each of our teens.

Every mentoring session is focused on addressing past issues or wounds, seeking healing and reconciliation, and learning new coping skills for the future. Through this process, it is our hope that your son will learn what it means to become a disciple of Christ, bringing to life the truth, power, and wisdom of Scripture.