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Ozarks Teen Challenge: Dealing with Shame

Handling Shame with Help from Ozarks Teen Challenge

Shame is a major factor in addiction, and it often worsens the condition by convincing the sufferer that the only answer is to keep going. At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we see many young men pass through our doors who are drowning in shame, and it can be truly heartbreaking.

At our Christian boarding school, we use Bible-based teachings to help troubled teens let go of behavioral issues, as well as addiction. To do this, sometimes we must first address underlying issues which are at the root of those behaviors.

Talking About Shame

Shame can be caused by the actions of an addiction, or it may be the reason why an addiction has begun in the first place. Using group counseling, personal counseling, mentoring, and family involvement through Ozarks Teen Challenge, teens will have the opportunity to open up about this shame. The problem with shame is that while it can be excruciatingly difficult to talk about, to get rid of it, it must be discussed.

We will help your son to better understand where this shame came from, why it exists, and how to let go of it.

Praying About Shame

One of the regular daily activities practiced throughout the Ozarks Teen Challenge is prayer. It’s the first thing the boys do in the morning, and it’s encouraged at any time throughout the day. Praying can be a huge help in ridding the soul of shame. We do our best to help each teen understand God’s message, and how it works in everyday life. Knowing that God is always there and that His love is unconditional can be a huge weight off the shoulders of teens who have felt the crushing existence of shame in their lives.

Ozarks Teen Challenge 5-Phase System

Feeling shame is a normal part of coping with poor past behavior and choices. Fortunately, the Ozarks Teen Challenge 5-phase system will make it easy to let go of this shame one step at a time. The system starts with the search for personal value, showing your son that God’s purpose for him is so much bigger than his own. This phase allows him to confront past emotions, such as shame, and develop the personal discipline to move past them. Phase two allows him to build relationships with God, family, and friends, and better understand how important these relationships are. Phase three works on future preparation and planning, and helps your son develop skills as a leader by serving God, and others around him. Phase four provides an opportunity to reach out to other cultures and spread the Word of God. Finally, phase five prepares him for the transition home.

For more information on Ozarks Teen Challenge, our Christian boarding school, or to discuss coping strategies for dealing with shame, contact us today.

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