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Ozarks Teen Challenge: Our Five Phase System For Teen Therapy

Teenager boy in therapy

The Five Phase System For Teen Therapy at Ozarks Teen Challenge

At Ozarks Teen Challenge, it is our goal to help your teen recover from drug and alcohol addiction and work through behavioral rehabilitation. The therapeutic process can be challenging, especially for teenagers, so it’s good to learn what to expect. Ozarks Teen Challenge uses a five-phase system for teen therapy. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at those five phases.


1. Finding Personal Value

For many teenagers who deal with behavioral issues or have struggled with substance abuse, a lack of personal value can be at the root of the problem. The first phase of the Ozarks Teen Challenge process is to help these teenagers find their personal value, through Christ first and foremost.

We believe that finding this value allows your son to confront and manage his emotions, develop greater personal discipline/work ethic, and take responsibility for his actions. Through biblical truth, we help teenagers find their identity in Christ.


2. Building Relationships

Another common issue that we see at Ozarks Teen Challenge with teenage boys is a sense of isolation. Through this phase, we want to help your teen grow his relationship with God, but also with you and his friends. Through the process, he will have the opportunity to develop new relationships that are rooted in positive growth.


3. Servant Leadership

Not only do we want to help your teenager recover and work through their personal addictions and struggles, but we also want to help prepare them for the next phase of their life. Our goal is to get your teenager ready for adulthood, and we believe that servant leadership is an important way to do that.


4. Changing Culture

While in rehab, Ozarks Teen Challenge shuts your teenager off from all of the things competing for their time and attention. This includes things like social media, but also toxic relationships and unhealthy habits. Through this process, we will help your teenager learn to move on from drugs or alcohol or bad behavior by changing their culture.


5. Transitioning Home

As the therapy process concludes, it can be tough adjusting, especially in the days and weeks after your teenager returns home. Phase five of the Ozarks Teen Challenge process is centered around helping your student get ready to go home. This process will help safeguard them from falling back into old habits and potential relapse.

Contact Ozarks Teen Challenge For More Information

If you are looking for a way to help your teenager recover from addiction or behavioral struggles, the 15-month rehab program at Ozarks Teen Challenge is a perfect solution. For more information on this program, get in touch with us at (417) 272-3784 or contact us online today.

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