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Teen Addicton-Don’t Battle Alone

The 2007 movie, “300” depicts a version of the Battle of the pass of Thermopylae, in which 300 Spartans stand their ground for 3 days against the entire Persian army. Their brave sacrifices serve to protect and inspire their countrymen enabling them to later rally, defeating the Persians, despite overwhelming odds.

These Spartan soldiers were renowned for their skills on the battlefield. They approached their opponents as a unified body, each soldier locking shields with the man to his right and left, forming a wall of protection.

The families that walk through the doors of our center, like the Spartans, know what it means to do battle.  But they are exhausted, hurt, and in desperate need of reinforcements.  Many of them feel like they are fighting a foe they cannot beat.  Addiction & rebellion along with the denial, shame & wounds that they carry, have turned their homes into a battleground. The sons they are fighting to save, seem as equally determined to run towards their own destruction.  Our families need support, prayer, and most of all….HOPE.

At the same time, the emotional and spiritual roots of addiction are so deep that our students often do not even realize that their very lives are under attack.  They are blinded by the pride of their youth and the power of addiction’s denial. Our students need to hear the truth, to step away from their old patterns and environments, and to see that they are in desperate need of God’s forgiveness, grace, and love.  They need to be inspired by the bravery of those willing to stand beside them, to show them what it means to fight for freedom.

The staff of Ozarks Teen Challenge is committed to this battle, to be the “300” that fight while our families seek shelter & healing…to lock shields alongside them as they find their strength in Christ and rally to the front lines. Our mission is to help our students find healing in Christ, training and equipping them to enter the battle, to fight for their freedom alongside their families, mentors, and most importantly, their creator.

If you or someone you know is weary of this fight and in need of support, please call us today at 417-272-3784 or e-mail us at  You do not have to fight this battle alone!

Or if you want to join this battle, to be one of our “300” standing in the gap to fight with our students, please check out our “Get Involved” page to see how you can help today. You can also check out some of our other articles, like this much too often ignored topic of teen sexual addiction.

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