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Teen Rehab: Importance of Reflection for Recovery

Importance of Reflection for Recovery in Teen Rehab

When you take a look at our typical daily schedule for our teen rehab youth program, you’ll notice that we open our worship area for prayer before the official wake-up at 7:00 a.m. We do this so that your teen can visit the worship area early, before the day begins, to spend time in prayer and reflection.

At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we encourage teens not only to better themselves in their interactions with other but in their personal lives as well. While most of the activities in the day involve instruction or some degree of interaction with others, this time allotted for morning prayer gives your teen some quiet time alone to spend thinking about whatever may be on his mind on the road to recovery.

This kind of time is important to teen rehab and recovery. Ozarks Teen Challenge offers insight into what makes individual prayer and reflection important.

Develop Faith

Over the course of a day, especially when he is newer to the teen rehab program, your teen may be participating in prayer and discipleship classes more than he is used to. Sometimes these classes are for groups, sometimes for individuals. Either way, he will be receiving faith-based instruction, and it may entail a lot of new information for him. After wake-up, your teen will attend morning devotions and prayer. After lunch, he will attend discipleship class. For someone who is used to attending prayer service only on Sundays, or perhaps never at all, this may be overwhelming.

Thankfully, the open prayer time in the mornings allows your teen an opportunity to spend time with his thoughts and reckoning with his faith. He’ll be away from the instruction that may seem so new and difficult, so he can reflect on what he’s been learning and make sense of it all.

Develop Goals

When your teen spends some solitary time in early morning prayer, he’ll be able to think about his past behaviors. He may still be struggling to admit that he was engaging in damaging, negative behaviors. He may be in the midst of realizing his faults and flaws. Or he may finally be ready to accept the path to recovery and all that it entails.

Develop Relationships

Although this may seem counterintuitive, your teen can develop certain relationships when he takes time to rise early for morning prayer. He can strengthen his relationship with God by listening and heeding His calling. He can strengthen his relationship to his future by leaving behind him the negative behaviors and the relationships he may have damaged. He can begin visualizing an adult life for himself beyond addiction and bad habits, which is vital to teen rehab.

Teen Rehab at Ozarks Teen Challenge

Ozarks Teen Challenge offers struggling teens the chance to turn things around. With teen rehab, your son can reflect on his behaviors and pave the way toward his future through faith-based teaching and studies. Mentors at Ozarks Teen Challenge are skilled and experienced, and they’ll be there to help your son every step of the way.

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