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Teen Rehab vs. Adult Rehab

Here’s how teen rehab differs from adult rehab.

The word, “rehab,” can be a daunting one, whether you’re placing somebody you care about into a program or you are considering a program for yourself. The most important part of this first step into teen rehab is to make the decision, and not be afraid of the possibilities it could bring you.

At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we get many questions from parents regarding our program and how it differs from a basic adult rehabilitation center. We understand that teens not only have different needs, but different thought processes when it comes to addiction and recovery. To best help them, we use a unique approach to teen rehab, which is also Christ-centric.

Growth and Learning

One of the biggest things that sets adults and teens apart is growth and development in terms of learning. Teens can’t simply jump into a rehabilitation program, because it could interfere with grades and school. At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we offer our services as a Christian boarding school, not just a teen rehab facility. Throughout our time with your child we will continue to nurture and foster academic growth while also dealing with behavioral and substance abuse issues in their lives.

Age Appropriate Treatment in Teen Rehab

Our program for troubled teens helps boys ages 11-17 who are dealing with everything from chronic low self-esteem and defiance issues to drug and alcohol dependency. We recognize that at this age, boys very much need the support of their families, which is why we incorporate family support and family learning into our program.

Teen rehab also differs from adult rehab because most teens have a strong need to build friendships and interact with their peers. We recognize this and incorporate it into our therapy program. The five steps to recovery here at Ozarks Teen Challenge include:

Finding Personal Value

Building Relationships

Servant Leadership

Changing Culture

Transitioning Home

Each of these phases is broken down more thoroughly on our website, so that you may better understand what the therapy entails.

Comparing Adult Rehab

Adult rehabilitation centers use different treatment procedures than teen rehab centers do to help those suffering from addiction. Adults tend to have a greater emotional and cognitive capability than most teens, especially those in the younger category of 11-13. Therefore, adult facilities offer less support in areas where teens may require it. The educational and relationship portions of the treatment would also differ, as adults tend not to require the same kinship with their peers as teens do, and they would not be continuing an ongoing academic education.

Most adult rehab facilities focus on the 12 step program, and offer art or music therapy, along with acupuncture and massage, group therapy sessions, monitored detox, and addiction education for adults.

If you have any questions about the Ozarks Teen Challenge and our teen rehab program, please reach out to us today. We would love the opportunity to explain our mission, and go over the phases to recovery with you.

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