Ozarks Teen Challenge recognizes that parent and family involvement is key to the continued success of our students. Destructive behaviors can be troubling and affect the entire family.

We encourage the rest of your family to seek support throughout the course of your son’s rehabilitation as well. Whether through family support groups, your pastor, or family counseling, it is essential that families grow during the rehabilitation process and learn to accept and forgive your son.

We strive to facilitate family reconciliation, healing, and forgiveness as your teen moves through his program. During this rehabilitation process, family support is essential. Our program offers regular communication, parent weekends, and a structured visitation schedule.

Parental Communication

Ozarks Teen Challenge strives to keep parents informed of every aspect of their boy’s progress and care by providing:

  • A Parent Contact For Each Family

    • Bi-weekly updates for parents from a staff member specifically assigned to them
  • Weekly Phone Calls With Your Boy

  • Regular Letters From and To Home

  • Detailed Monthly Progress Reports

    • Behavioral, Spiritual, and Academic Progress is reported

Pass Schedule

Passes are privileges that the boys earn as they move through their program. These passes aid students and families in the reconciliation process as their teens’ begin to demonstrate responsible choices and personal growth. Families are also provided with Check-In Worksheets for each pass to give every visit a specific family growth focus.

  • On-Campus Weekend Pass/Family Visit

    • At the Completion of Phase 1 of Program
  • Two Off-Campus Weekend Passes/Family Visit

    • During Phase 2 & 3 of Program
  • Overnight Weekend Pass/Family Visit

    • During Phase 4 of Program
  • Two 4 day Home Passes/Visits

    • During Phase 4 & 5 of Program

Family Weekends

While your teen may need support from our rehabilitation center, they will still need the support of loved ones. For this reason, we have scheduled family weekends designed for families to reconnect and work together. We host a formal family weekend once every two months to correspond with your teens’ pass schedule. During these weekends you can expect family educational programming and worship services, as well as the opportunity to discuss issues or share growth experiences together.

Family “Check-In” Program

We also provide Family Check-In Worksheets for both students and their families to fill out and share with one another during their pass weekends. These worksheets are individualized for each pass weekend and provide opportunities for families to grow and learn together.  In addition, each worksheet corresponds to the learning objectives for that specific phase of your teen’s program. The goal of these worksheets is to help facilitation reconciliation and change within the family unit, as a whole, in order to help your teen maintain growth after graduation from our program.