Drug Treatment: Importance of a Routine

Importance of Routines for Drug Treatment at Ozarks Teen Challenge

The program at Ozarks Teen Challenge provides troubled teens with drug treatment, discipleship classes, and educational studies, all wrapped into a regimented schedule. You can read about how a typical day at our Christian boarding school looks by following this link. The schedule, as you see, takes up the entire day, with some time allotted for a free session.

If it seems like our schedule is highly structured, that’s because structured schedules such as the one we provide in our programs for troubled teens are very effective as part of a drug treatment plan. They are effective for all kinds of treatment, in fact, and they’re part of why Ozarks Teen Challenge shows such success with its teen rehab.

Below, Ozarks Teen Challenge explains some of the key factors which make a regimented schedule so useful. Read on to learn more!


If your teen was suffering from addiction or other abusive habits, then settling into a routine may be hard at first. Troubled teens often keep irregular sleeping and eating schedules, or they are perhaps used to sleeping and eating very little or too much.

The routine schedule provides a sense of stability, which is important to drug treatment. Rather than having to worry about acquiring money to support a bad habit or going out to meet up with troublesome friends, your teen is able to anticipate his day from beginning to end as soon as he wakes up. This means that the stressful variables of life with addiction are completely removed. With these worries aside, your teen can focus on making the most out of the day that lies before him.


A well-made schedule includes variety. Often, teens perceive our daily regimen of prayer times, regular meals, recreation, and chores as constricting when they first arrive. However, they start to learn that the routine provides them with room for a lot of creativity.

A scheduled daily free session offers your teen time to explore their interests. Recreation therapy allows your teen to express himself through various games, sports, and activities. Group and individual discipleship classes allow him to learn to find his voice and to listen to others. Because he’s surrounded by his peers, he should learn to feel comfortable speaking openly and constructively.

Steady Progress

Because the schedule is relatively set from day to day, your son can make daily progress. Rather than becoming bored or distracted by not having access to substances or negative behaviors, your son will be occupied by daily tasks which he can improve upon from day to day, which is very important for drug treatment.

Ozarks Teen Challenge Drug Treatment and Boarding School

Ozarks Teen Challenge has been helping troubled teens who struggle with addiction and negative behaviors turn their lives around in a positive, faith-guided direction for over 50 years. Our drug treatment and other practices have been endorsed by important figures such as George W. Bush and John Ashcroft. Let our caring and nurturing staff help your troubled son and give us a call today. You can reach us at 417-272-3784.