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Improve Your Teen’s Confidence with Ozark’s Teen Challenge Youth Programs

How Youth Programs Can Build Confidence in Teens

As parents, the last thing we want for our kids is for them to be uncomfortable in their own skin. Instead, we want them to look in the mirror and not only be confident in who they are but also love who they are. More often than not, you typically hear this discussion about confidence and self-esteem when it comes to young girls and women. However, that dreaded, unbearable feeling of low self-worth is all too familiar to boys as well, especially teens.

We know we don’t have to tell you twice that the idea that ‘boys don’t have feelings’ or ’boys must be strong’ is just a myth. Those feelings of low self-assurance are very much real for your son–whether he may not like the way he looks or whether he’s feeling inadequate because he believes he’s falling short of expectations.

Now you may be asking, “How do I raise my son to be confident?” At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we believe that building a strong relationship with the Lord through our 5-phase youth program will help your teen boy grow into a self-assured man.

Do Good. Feel Good.

It’s taught that the way to feel good is to do good. This also applies at Ozarks Teen Challenge. Through our on-site youth program, we first teach your son personal value. We help your teen discover ways to manage emotions and take responsibility for his actions–leading to increased confidence and self-control. Not only that, but we’ll also help your son build his relationship with Christ Our Lord and acquire skills in servant leadership. This is where the ‘do good’ part comes in. We’ll encourage your son to develop faithful obedience and provide much-needed service to those around him. By doing good through discipleship and servitude, your son will build self-esteem and start to feel good about his thoughts and actions.  

Last, our youth program will open your teen’s eyes to a culture absent of the distractions of the world around him and help him focus on what’s most important–loving the Lord, himself, and the people around him. And, we will prepare your son for the transition home by assisting him with building his future. In short, this comprehensive youth program develops faith in Christ, strengthens relationships, empowers your son to take responsibility, and prepares your son for the many years ahead of him, allowing him to feel more self-assured in every aspect of his life.

Learn More About How Our Youth Programs Can Help Your Son

At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we understand more than anyone that parenting is not easy and all you want is the best for your children. If your son is struggling with confidence and behavioral issues, Ozarks Teen Challenge and our 5-phase youth program may be the best option for you. Have additional questions about our program? Contact us today at 417-272-3784. We’re happy to walk you through our youth program and answer any questions you may have.

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