teen rehab at Ozarks Teen Challenge

Ozarks Teen Challenge: Intervention Tips

Ozarks Teen Challenge: Intervention Tips If you notice that your teen is behaving oddly and you suspect that they may be experimenting with drugs, then maybe it is time for you to consider an intervention. Interventions are powerful tools for helping someone who is struggling with addiction, and they may...

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Teenager battling withdrawals in a drug treatment program

The Stages of Withdrawal During Drug Treatment

The Stages of Withdrawal During Drug Treatment The path to sobriety can be a roller coaster ride of physical pain and emotion, and many teens who begin drug treatment programs are not prepared for the side-effects of withdrawal. Depending on the type of drug and the length of use, you...

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Group of teens in behavioral therapy program

Essential Behavioral Therapy Techniques

Behavioral Therapy: Techniques and Practices At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we know that beating addiction takes time and patience, requiring individuals to reassess their lifestyles, beliefs, and ways-of-thought. This is why our drug treatment programs center on behavioral therapy, which aims to change an individual’s attitudes and behaviors and increase the...

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Young Boy Needs Boys Boarding School for Drug Use

Is Boarding School Right for Your Son?

4 Signs That Your Son Might Need Boys Boarding School Knowing the right time to send your son to a boys boarding school is a difficult decision for your family. However, some situations require immediate action for your son and families benefit.  Changes in your son’s behavior can be subtle...

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Teens participating in outdoor recreational therapy program

Developing Youth Through Recreational Therapy Programs

Recreational Therapy Programs: Life Lessons Through Life Experiences Ozark Teen Challenge Boys Academy is committed to creating an environment that is designed to give your teenager a chance to turn into the adult man that he was intended to be. We believe that one of the most impactful ways to...

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teenager prays in teen rehab

Teen Rehab: Importance of Reflection for Recovery

Importance of Reflection for Recovery in Teen Rehab When you take a look at our typical daily schedule for our teen rehab youth program, you’ll notice that we open our worship area for prayer before the official wake-up at 7:00 a.m. We do this so that your teen can visit...

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teen performs daily routine as part of drug treatment

Drug Treatment: Importance of a Routine

Importance of Routines for Drug Treatment at Ozarks Teen Challenge The program at Ozarks Teen Challenge provides troubled teens with drug treatment, discipleship classes, and educational studies, all wrapped into a regimented schedule. You can read about how a typical day at our Christian boarding school looks by following this...

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Father talks to son about drug treatment

Drug Treatment: How to Talk to Your Teen About Addiction

Tips for Starting Drug Treatment by Talking to Your Teen Speaking to your teen about addiction can be difficult, if only because it’s a conversation that you never want to have. Depending on your teen’s habits, this discussion can escalate into an argument. If the situation is bad enough, you...

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mother discusses Ozarks Teen Challenge with Son

Advice from Ozarks Teen Challenge: How to Stop Enabling

Tips from Ozarks Teen Challenge to Help You Stop Enabling Is your teen acting suspiciously? If you’re starting to notice signs of addiction, then it’s important not to panic. As a parent, you will need to be able to approach the situation as calm and collected as you can be....

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Boy traveling on mission with Ozarks Teen Challenge

Ozarks Teen Challenge: Benefits of Mission Trips

The Advantages Mission Trips During Ozarks Teen Challenge Provide A few times a year, we have the opportunity for a few of our students to embark on a mission trip. Traveling anywhere from New York to Haiti, these excursions allow the boys to get a break from their established routine...

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